31 March 2021

We look for news, we wait. We have given ourselves “patience” as our password.

For now our hotel is closed.

Officially there is no prohibition that limits tourist accommodation, but in Italy it is forbidden to move between regions and abroad many states impose quarantine on those who return there.

Moreover, Trentino is currently the “red zone”, so many shops, bars and restaurants are also closed.

In these days it is kind to see some cars with foreign plates, especially Polish ones, turn around. But they are exceptions, young competitive sailors who came to train on Lake Garda.

our hotel is closed

How are we passing the time?

Our seasonal work always leaves us a window of a few months in which the hotel remains inactive. Usually November and December, then in January it opens a few days for Expo Shue, so it resumes at the end of March.

This year we wanted to re-seed the pool lawn to make the grass stronger. In Arco there is a nursery where a technician works who was also a consultant for Bayer in Munich.

Alessandra has invested a lot of time in our pastry shop, so much so that she can also think of personalized sweets for the holidays. Stuffed eggs for Easter, chocolates for Valentine’s Day, Christmas themed macarons.

She also made some birthday cakes and even one for a friend’s wedding.

Carlo and Andrea then dedicated a lot of time to digital training, which they discuss at lunch. One long-winded who talks nonstop, the other who only moves his head. It’s funny, then every now and then they get angry.

We haven’t done any renovations this year.

We plan to renovate some rooms, fix the breakfast buffet, buy new armchairs for the veranda of the bar. It would be the most “urgent” things.

But we have to wait for better times.

Re-use is very Green, isn’t it ?!


our hotel is closed

We obviously depend on Covid and restrictions, but when we think about opening we must also consider 2 other things:

we will only be able to open when we have received some reservations.
The first ones, to date, we have had them since May.

Andrea, Violeta, Maria, Elena and all the others of the “Team” when they are hired they will need to work continuously, without weeks off.

In short, we will open when there is both security and “movement”.
For now our hotel is closed because unfortunately it cannot be otherwise.