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each reservation can be modified or canceled at any time

Today we all ask for flexibility in our purchases. We need to be able to change our bookings at any time, whether it’s due to uncertainty related to the pandemic or simply because we don’t know exactly when we will be able to disconnect from work.

Here at Brione every booking is flexible.


  • Up to 24 hours from any check-in, the reservation can be modified or canceled without penalty
  • All reservations from our site do not require registration or your credit card number
  • If there is no availability on another date, just contact us and we will help you

Brione Green Resort is located in Riva del Garda and you can reach the city by leaving the A22 highway in Rovereto Sud and driving on for 15 km in Lake Garda direction.

The hotel has a swimming pool, a big garden, every room has a balcony and air conditionig system. The hotel supports a green philosophy in the choice of the products but especially in our daily habits. The restaurant also offers vegan kitchen.

For questions and information please call us +39 464 552484 or send us a WhatsApp/Telegram message +39 335 6507640.