15 July 2020

How do you feel after the emergency time and the lockdown we all had to experience?

It is almost one month now that our hotel is in full swing. The days we spent at home seem so far away even if they are still right behind the corner. Indeed, we can still recognise them in the eyes of those brave people who enthusiastically decided to travel again, even if they are still wearing the wounds of the hard days we went through.

How do you feel

Many Italians who live in those places that during the lockdown were called “red zones” restarted their lives: they decided to take a well-deserved relaxing holiday. The exceptional situation affected us all, hopefully, it shaped us too.

We must admit, as a family but also as a whole region we had a lot of luck, since we were a secure territory. Day by day we are experiencing that the sanitary measures taken by the Italian government were not exaggerations. They were concrete and helped us to keep and to restore security. Even if we never thought they were useless, sometimes, you know, it is easier to underrate problems we do not really know, instead of trying to understand them.

It is a relief for us to see that the signs we printed and put in every corner of our hotel. As well as the cure and attention of our staff in keeping the right distances and hygiene measures and in always wearing face masks during their work time, are appreciated and are concretely helping us to reassure our guests.

We observe it especially when we meet people who faced the virus and the fear in first person. Especially these people notice if a table or a whole structure has taken the measures as a serious matter or not. How do you feel?

Of course, not everything is going the way we wish: there were situations and occasions where we were not able to offer the services we wanted. But we are still trying our best! We do not want our guests to face any kind of restriction in our hotel because of the emergency. Balance is everything:

– as an example: our breakfast is now served at the table with our “à la carte” service. As soon as you arrive you can consult our digital menu for the dinner or the breakfast of the next morning. We wrote 5 “example” menus to help you to take a choice. But it is still possible to order whatever you want in addition.

– at the restaurant, every guest has an own table for the whole stay at our hotel. This, to reassure our clients that their tablecloth is not going to be touched by other hands, in addition, it is way easier for us to sanitize the tables’ items.

in the swimming pool and in our bike garage you can find a hygiene “do-it-yourself” kit. With the sanitizing spray and a disposable cloth, it is possible to sanitize our bikes that you can rent for free or the sunbeds at the pool whenever you think it is necessary. We also sanitize all the items but if you feel reassured by it, feel free to sanitize once more.

– in our hotel there are hand sanitizing stations in every corner and our guests will find free face masks in every room.

At last but not at least we want to tell you that we are trying to make the most of this “calm” moment, where tourists are still not that many: we are trying to better the quality of our restaurant’s and bar’s products.

We are also making your stay more “colourful”: once a week we organize yoga lessons in our garden near the pool.

And for what concerns lunch time: for those guests who wish FB we have big news coming. Indeed, the traditional service of the lunch is going to change…radically. Let us keep in touch!