19 June 2020

Yesterday, one day before the opening of our hotel, the hotel almost burned down. Thanks to the intervention of the volunteer firefighter of Riva del Garda and Arco and of the traffic police we avoided a giant catastrophe. We are all fine and our hotel had no damage. It is still unclear which is the reason why our kitchen of our private apartment situated on the third floor started to burn yesterday in the afternoon. Smoke and fire activated the alarms of the whole street but right after the police appeared and stopped the traffic. Some minutes later the firemen came and intervened right after they recognized the difficulties to reach the third floor with their water pumps. Hotel almost burned down.

hotel almost burned down

Thanks to the firemen and to the help of good luck, the fire damaged only the kitchen, since the door of the kitchen was closed and divided the room from the rest of the apartment. The kitchen is destroyed. A part of the apartment is inaccessible but nothing else burned and the most important thing is that none of us was at home when the fire started.

Yesterday we finished to clean up the hotel but, as already mentioned, the hotel has fortunately no damage. We had to dry the floors and this morning we cleaned the areas which the firemen used as a transit to reach the flames. But everything else is perfectly OK; fortunately smoke and bad smells did not impregnate the floor of the rooms.

This 2020 started in a wrong way but we still think positively and we are looking forward to better times. We want to thank everyone who stand by our side and everyone who sent us support messages!