The Park

At Brione Greenresort, a 3-star hotel in Riva del Garda, we have a place that is dear in our hearts, a place that we love more than any other, our park. A large garden with a pool represents the essence of our hospitality and your holiday on Lake Garda.

It is impossible not to appreciate the garden lawn with fresh grass tickling your feet, the scent of flowers and plants that grow lushly in the park in a Mediterranean setting, and the fresh clear water of our pool, which offers enjoyable moments of well-being.

At our hotel with a garden in Riva del Garda, the park with comfortable sun loungers invites you to rest, read or dream in the crystal clear air. You can either sunbathe or enjoy the cool shade of the trees.

And Mount Brione, just beyond the hotel with the garden, in Riva Del Garda, is a very short distance away. We recommend it as the destination of your first walk among nature, a natural beauty spot that is ideal for admiring spectacular Lake Garda.

Our Trees

Thanks to our passion and research, the climate and generous nature, the park at Brione Greenresort is home to many species of tree that change with the seasons…

Santolina officinalis, Lavandola spica, Rincospermum, Jasmin, Aloe, Rosa  pendula, Weigellia nana variegata, Dasilirion, Santolina, Yucca variegata, Cordyllina indivisa (Dracena), Buxus Sempervirus, Phormilium rubra, Phoenix canariensis, Fico d’india, Photinia red robin, Agave, Pittosforo Tobira nano, Nerium Oleander, Elionnimus, Abellia, Acer Japoniccum Palmatum , Dissectumatro purpurea, Hipericum moserianum, Lavandula spica, Citros lemon, Lantana camara, Hosta variegata, Pittosforo tenuifoglia, Rapphio lephis, Callistemon laewis, Nandina, Lauro otto luyken, Kounquat,Yucca gloriosa, Olivo, Ficus carica, Calycantus invernale, Margherite, Trachicarius fortunei (palme), Musa ensete (banano),Cydonia japonica (pyrus) , Cistus salvifoglia, Yucca gloriosa , Citronelle, Yucca variegata. Nandina domestica, Maonia aquifol, Euronimus bravo, Citrus lemon (arancio amaro), Aralia sieboldi, Pittosforo tenuifoglia Silver queen, Phormium Variegato, Rincospermum jasminoides, Maspyllus Japonica (nespolo), Hydrangea quercifoglia, Hidrangea  ortensis, Rose,Chamaerops Humus (palme), Rose mirato, Saxifraga,Wistaria sinensis (glicine), Cedrus deodora, Laurus cerasum, Aucuba variegata, Ligustrum japonico, Hedera variegata souvenir marengo, Punica Granatum (melograno), Olivo  (olea europea), Laurus nobilis, Sedum, Aucuba, Ninphea, Elicrisum, Agave verde, Nerium oleander, Calle, Agave variegata, Clivia, Phormium variegato,Maspillus Germanica (nespolo), Coryllus Avellana (nocciole), Wistaria sinensis (glicine), Ampelopsis Quinquefoglie (vite americana), Bambusa, Acanto, Calycantus, Philadelphus, Cirros Lemon, Mimosa Acacia, Rincospermum jasminoides (gelsomino), Hemerocallis Stella de oro ,Tuja placata, Musa ensete (banano),Iris germanica, Gynerium argenteo (erba della pampa), Aspidistra, Laurus nobius (siepe),Veronica rubra, Abies excelsa (abete), Eucaliptus  Gunii, Aralia, Cupressus Sempervirens, Lantana Camara, Rosmarino, Salvia, Lavanda, Helicrisum, Cipollina, Maggiorana, Koumquat,  Cycas, Pittosporo, Osmantus, Lonicera,Portulacca, Alloro, Acer japonico, Hortensiaiburno, auro cerasus, leagnus  variegato, Photinia, Limone

With a variety of tree species we can offer you pleasant sensations and every day you can discover something new.